Process Control Overview

Elite employs Lean Manufacturing techniques throughout the production process.  From order entry, through material delivery, staging and production each step is controlled to provide the highest quality product with minimal waste and rework.

Minimizing waste allows Elite to provide competitive pricing and to meet delivery commitments on time, every time.

The production process is continually monitored via an extensive data collection system, with data uploaded to a dedicated server constantly. The system records data from every critical area of the mixing and milling process, such as rotor speed and temperature, ram pressure, float amps, inbound and outbound water temperatures and more.

The data is constantly compared with operating parameters developed for each compound Elite produces. A minor excursion outside of the parameter lights a yellow light at the production location allowing the operator to make immediate adjustments “on the fly”.

A major excursion lights a red light and the operator immediately stops production and notifies maintenance and management.

Production processes are documented and each critical step in material handling, and compounding is double checked to eliminate error.

The Quality Assurance lab located on the plant floor constantly samples material during the manufacturing process to insure operating parameters are met.

Elite’s entire focus is on delivering the highest quality product, on time to the customer.

Elimination of waste and rework keeps costs under control and prices competitive.