Elite Advantage®

Application Based

Elite Elastomers has a staff of chemists and a fully equipped Research and Development lab to offer a turnkey solution to your application specific needs.  Whether your need is to provide your formulation or provide the operating parameters and have us develop the formulation, run test batches, and verify performance, Elite can meet those needs.

Elite can take your application requirement from the design stage, to sample batch and performance testing in an industry leading cycle time.

We have solid development experience in all major industrial rubber markets:

  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food
  • Industrial Goods
  • Industrial Rolls
  • Infrastructure

Elite’s unique test lab will insure the formulation will meet your manufacturing parameters, as well as the end user application parameters.

Innovation Driven

When a major oil company needed a covering to allow drilling at very deep ocean depths with high temperature requirements they turned to Elite. Elite was not only able to design a compound to meet these very tough conditions; we were able to custom design a test facility to mirror performance under extremely high pressure as well as rapid de-pressurization.

In the relatively new market for swellable oil field components, Elite is not only developing formulations to meet many varied applications, we have also been able to design test equipment to prove and certify performance in our lab prior to shipment of critical sub assemblies.

Elite has positioned ourselves over the years to be more than a custom mixer, we are a solutions company, meeting our customer’s needs from idea to product.

Assurance Maintained

Elite’s state of the art production monitoring system constantly collects data from seven key indicators on every production line. This data is uploaded wirelessly to our server and compared to the stringent parameters established for each compound Elite produces.

Any excursion outside of those operating parameters issues an alert so that the operator can immediately see the cause of the potential problem and make immediate corrections.

Data is analyzed on a weekly basis by production, quality and engineering personnel for root cause analysis of any issues requiring an alert and modifications or repairs are quickly made.

Elite employs Lean Manufacturing techniques to minimize waste and keep customer costs as low as possible.

The fully equipped quality assurance lab located on the production floor tests samples from the production process to insure performance parameters of each compound are met.

The Elite Advantage® insures high quality products, at competitive costs on-time.

Customer Focused

Elite is constantly working to improve our product quality and strives to be consistent with on-time deliveries.  We recognize that our success ties directly to the success of our customers.

If a customer has a problem running our material in their application, we work with them as a partner to resolve the issue even if the problem isn’t material based.

We understand that time is money for our customers, and the quicker we can help you take an idea and get a product to market the faster you develop your revenue stream.

The Elite Advantage® is a full cycle product development and testing cycle to get you to market faster and with a better product.