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Technical Product Partners in the Rubber Industry: Why Your Business Needs One

Mar 01, 2017 Posted by Ginger Glidewell

Ideas are a company’s future. Ideas create wealth. Technical Product Partners make ideas work. At Elite Elastomers, we recognize the importance of our role as a Technical Product Partncustomer-focused-slide.jpger in elevating our customers to the lead in their marketplaces. Let’s take a minute to discuss this partnership style by defining a Technical Product Partner, discussing how they operate, and emphasizing why they are necessary for future success.

The Who

Elite Elastomers has proven as the expert in non-metallic material solutions in our industry. As a Technical Product Partner, we offer expertise in both materials and applications. Due to our extensive application-specific experience, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of our products through all stages of the product life cycle. We have paved a new business category of material design that is known as an Applicative Compounder. We bring together the in-depth knowledge of Compounding Competence and join it with the skill of application knowledge.

The How

As a Technical Product Partner, we guide the research and development stages of product creation. We optimize the material performance characteristics to ensure that the best material solution is selected. We then move into the manufacturing and material distribution stages that are customized for you and your end-product goal. Because of this strategic investment of technical knowledge into our developments, we proudly offer a comprehensive portfolio of compounds that ensure success in the field. As your Technical Product Partner, we can turn traditional materials into specialty performance materials pushing you ahead of the competition.

The Why

As a team of Technical Product Partners, Elite Elastomers can effectively offer you our material expert advantages by independently developing and manufacturing a complete material solution. We offer you efficient solutions with fast concept-to-market realization. This provides you with a real offering in a competitive time frame that offers a high-quality solution. As a result, you achieve success over the long-term in the marketplace.

At Elite Elastomers, we make ideas work. We embrace our role of serving our industry and our customers with our technical expertise. Through Collaborative Alliances, Seamless Integration, and serving as a Technical Product Partner, we are offering successful material solutions to our industry. And that….Well, that’s a future that works for us all.

We've attached a white paper of how a Technical Product Partner can work for your business.  Click Here 


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