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Technical expertise in rubber compounding

Jul 14, 2017 Posted by Ginger Glidewell

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Developing rubber formulations that meet today’s temperatures and harsh environments sometimes means more than pulling out am old recipe card!

Is your material supplier skilled in application end-use and material design?

Often engineering is required as part of the compounding process. We offer unbeaten applications engineering and materials engineering in our developments. As an Applicative Compounder, we lead the market via the most robust material offerings. By using new technologies, new materials, and new methods, we are prepared for future application demands which also prepares our customers for the future.

 Watch our video to learn how we bring a solution by focusing on idea conception, material design, prototype, and faster market launch. We have a unique understanding of the engineering required for a successful end-use application. Learn how we can serve as a Technical Product Partner to your company as we use our extensive understanding of applications, material design, prototype, and research and development to produce a winning material.

We are much more than a rubber compounding company, we are solution providers.








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