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No Barriers in Business: How to create a Seamless Integration culture in the Oil and Gas industry?

Nov 07, 2016 Posted by Tiffany Oliphant

Looking at successful businesses you often wonder what it took for those companies to make it. Of course: vision, hard work, a great product, teamwork and an awesome pitch to a customer, just to name a few. Owner of Elite Elastomers, Steve Glidewell employs the methodology of seamless integration to shift the trajectory of his custom mixing business’ longevity.


You ask what is Seamless Integration?

An addition of a new application, routine or device that works smoothly with the existing system, according to the dictionary. Seamless Integration is ultimately being “transparent”. Its teamwork at its highest level. 30-year rubber veteran, Glidewell says it boils down to “no barriers in business.”

Let’s face it, no one has all the answers. In business, withholding information from developers and manufacturers leaves customers with a product but is it the best? That question is what prompted Glidewell to create Seamless Integration as part of Elite’s Applicative Compounder Model. He decided to cut the 20 question cycle among suppliers, non-metallic material designers, manufacturers, insulation applicators, and oil & gas companies, by bringing all entities to the table to work seamlessly to create an elite product. Ultimately, this no barrier method cut time from concept to market, which meant all entities get paid faster!

Well, this sounds great but realistically no one wants to share their intellectual property, especially in the era of the copycat. Glidewell’s answer to that is for every copycat there are several collaborative alliances that can catapult your business to new heights. Recently, Elite Elastomers joined forces with an Insulation Applicator to develop strategies to penetrate the market. It all started from seamless integration. In other words, they collectively took a leap and began to trust each other.

Entrepreneurs may read this and say my business is doing just fine, but you ever wonder could your business perform better? With anything you try there are always pros vs cons, but teamwork has always been a gain from start ups to fortune 500 businesses.

I’ll leave you with this, the attributes and benefits of seamless integration, I don’t think are fully realized until you participate in it. In closing, we’ve attached detailed example of how seamless integration is working for Elite Elastomers.

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