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ISO Certification Changes: Looking at your processes from a high level?

Jan 27, 2017 Posted by Tiffany Oliphant

For years ISO certifications have taken businessess to new heights. It has allowed them to take a look in the mirror, tweak or fix systems issues, all while creating a new avenue for revenue. For customers, it gives them relief that a businessess professional affairs are in order. Now there are a few new clauses to ISO:9001 that are bridging quality processess and strategy by including upper management.

 How are the ISO changes different from previous certifications?


For businesses, their senior management will have to lay out their objectives to make sure its sticking to the strategy. No longer will one person answer for an entire companies’ missteps. Businesses getting their operation checked and balanced will hold everyone accountable. Image courtesy: focus Iso.

Organization Benefits:

  • Communicates positive message to staff and customers.
  • Highlights deficiencies.
  • Mandatory if company wants to enter a certain sector of businesses
  • Identifies more efficient and time saving processes.
  • Reduces overall costs.
  • Improves company image and credibility.

The customers profit because everyone is taking pride in the process, which results in a great product.

Customer Benefits:

  • Improves quality.
  • On time delivery.
  • Items being right the first time.
  • The independent auditing demonstrates commitment to quality.
  • Fewer customer complaints.
  • Fewer customer returns.

Now you may run across industry talk claiming, ISO isn’t worth it, or ISO is just a marketing tool. Consider this, are you gaining the same access to new customers, at the same rate as your competitors who are ISO certified? Remember some customers won’t do business with you if you’re not ISO certified.


Elite Elastomers is ISO:9001/2008 certified. 

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