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Is your current supplier a Custom Mixer or an Applicative Compounder?

Oct 17, 2016 Posted by Tiffany Oliphant

RIPLEY, MS-- 30-year rubber veteran, and owner of Elite Elastomers, Steve Glidewell,

started out as a custom mixer but realized Elite’s asset is technical, not physical.

For the last six years, he developed a process to get their end application stakeholder an

optimal solution quicker. The Mississippi based mixer is currently transitioning its

business model to be an applicative compounder, which focuses on the end application then

works backward to concept.


        Traditionally, a custom mixer thrives off a regiment of rubber formulations, that creates a

higher quantity of polymer compounds. This results in a marginal solution instead of the best

solution, according to Glidewell. He explains this process: the compounder is proactive, but the

mixer is reactive. Glidewell says a successful applicative compounder utilizes three

components: technical expertise, seamless integration, and collaborative alliances.

 Technical Expertise

     A compounder has to understand non metallic materials, chemistry and have the technical

ability to develop those materials that will perform in various types of applications and

environments, according to Glidewell.

 Seamless Integration

     Breaks down barriers between intermediates: molders, extrusion houses, suppliers and

custom mixers. Glidewell explains all parties have to share complete information for the

compound designer to create the best material for an application. An Elite success story

utilizing seamless integration is the development of swellable packers for the oil & gas


 Collaborative Alliances

     This starts and ends on trust. Both collaborative alliances is a combination of technical

expertise and seamless integration at its highest level.

     Custom mixing has evolved over the years, according the Glidewell. Elite Elastomers

recognized the custom mixing giants were profiting because of their volume producing ability.

Its taken Glidewell six years to see the fruits of his labor since the transition. Based on his

experience, an applicative compounder enhances the materials capabilities.

However, don’t count Elite Elastomers out of the custom mixing industry. Glidewell is

working with his supply base to substitute applicative compounder for custom mixing. At the

end of the day, both are getting mixed rubber compound to an end use but with a different


      In closing, we’ve attached Elite Elastomers’ business model and how applicative

compounding can be successful for your business.


 Click here for Elite Business Model


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