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Inspiring A New Generation Of Makers

Apr 10, 2018 Posted by Justin Shake




Ginger Glidewell, Technical Director at Elite Elastomers, spent time with approximately 500 students in the Oxford City School System (Oxford, AL) during a visit to DeArmanville Elementary School on April 06, 2018.

Mrs. Glidewell used her invitation to the morning career highlight segment to inform students about the daily work of a chemist/engineer and the different products in daily life produced using polymers.

Students had an opportunity to learn where and how they are impacted by different polymers. Mrs. Glidewell discussed sports applications such as rubber baseball bat grips, technical batting gloves, basketballs, and golf balls. Other viscoelastic items displayed were rubber pet toys, cords for wire & cable coatings, shoe soles, and bucket gaskets.

Students observed the differences between polymer types based on hardness of plastic items such as safety cones and buckets versus rubber cord coating and gaskets. Students were also introduced to the formulation process and the discussion of how materials are selected and used.

Ginger commented “Our community outreach goal at Elite is to create interest in our industry while inspiring students to pursue careers in the fields of material science and engineering. We believe that these demonstrations motivate younger generations. I know I personally see that students are engaged and genuinely interested during the demonstrations. I always take the demonstration one step further by encouraging students to follow their dreams and interests and aspire to use their work life to make products which will improve the lives of others. The talent of entrepreneurship exists in the young audiences I visit. I always want to leave a demonstration knowing that someone in the room was fueled and is hopeful that he/she can learn to design, make, and sell whatever the imagination can create."

Elite Elastomers continues to advance the rubber industry with sophisticated material offerings and unique, collaborative business practices. At Elite Elastomers, we make ideas work.

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