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Idea Management:Rapidly Driving Technical Solutions to the Rubber Market

Mar 16, 2017 Posted by Ginger Glidewell

A few firm givens exist in product development at Elite Elastomers.

1. Ideas foster innovation.bright-1296538_1280.png
2. Innovation drives market leadership.
3. Market leadership yields profits.

At Elite Elastomers, we strive for improved ideas. Once these ideas are birthed, we manage them in such a way to allow their purpose to be discovered in the form of products. In order to grow an idea to the point of a product, we exercise idea management.

Idea management is Elite's ability to create, develop, prioritize and produce a concept that is converted into a viable product. This conversion process brings innovation and superior performance to the market in the form of the best solution. While the idea management process is structured, it is also highly creative. This is where Elite Elastomers shines as a one-of-a-kind Applicative Compounder. Our technical approach involves the use of evaluating, observing, investigating, and discussing throughout the idea management process. We then use the insight gained from each scientific exploration - a.k.a. Engineered Application Research - to either improve upon existing materials or create an entirely new material.

Our idea management approach is composed of several stages:gears-1443730_1280 (1).jpg
I. Determine The Obstacles
We gain insight by identifying the obstacle and the desired result.
Il. Determine The Materials
We brainstorm to collect ideas and we scope out the best options.
Ill. Construct The Prototype
We compose a material solution that we test and validate.
IV. Launch The Product
We launch our idea into the market in the form of a solution... a working product.

Our use of idea management allows us to go beyond the normal product process offering. We are material experts who engage in alternative thinking. By employing idea management in our solutions, we determine the best ideas to offer innovative products using a rapid market approach.

It is this type of idea management that positions Elite as the "out of the box" solutions provider in the rubber market.

We've attached a white paper of how Elite's idea managment can work for your business.

Click here for Elite Business Model


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