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Going Beyond Rubber Industry Standards: How simulated testing is meeting Performance Demands?

Feb 14, 2017 Posted by Steve Glidewell

 There are necessary test standards in all markets Elite supplies. The following are just a few non-comprehensive examples inside some select markets: ISO, ASTM and SAE test standards in automotive; ISO, NORSOK, NACE and API in Oil and Gas; AASHTO specifications for elastomeric bearings in bridges; FDA and USDA specifications and requirements for the food industry.

Elite_Elastomers_Low_Res-57.jpgThese standards are important and provide a common language for technical personnel to discuss non-metallic material performance.

But are these enough?

Elite’s response to that question is….not always, especially in the Oil and Gas market. It seems companies continue to pursue a growing number of avenues of obtaining more oil. In doing so, they are encountering extreme temperatures, combined with increasing pressures, along with the need to use more aggressive fluids.

When pushing the envelope on performance demands for non-metallic materials, Elite has began to use simulated service testing. Traditional rubber custom mixers typically test and match a material to a specification test standard. Elite has found it beneficial and many times necessary to do material simulations that take into account the environmental demands on the material. This information provides Elite with the proper tools and information to determine an optimal material composition best fitted for that application.

Simulations develop sub-sea application

Performance demand simulations were recently used in the development of a high temperature resistant insulation material for sub-sea flow line applications. Simulations took into account the operating temperature of 350F inside the pipe as well as the outside temperature of the seawater and the water pressure at the applications depth. By mirroring these conditions in a controlled test environment and combining that simulation with Arrhenius aging studies, Elite will be able to insure, not only, that the material would have the necessary insulating capabilities but maintain the necessary material properties for the desired lifespan expectation of the material. By employing these techniques, Elite believes it increases its capability to provide the best non-metallic solutions for markets that continue to demand more out of the parts they utilize.

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