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Feb 18, 2021 By Justin Shake

We are pleased to announce the sale of our Mississippi rubber compounding assets to DestinHaus Capital. We look forward to working with their team to bolster and grow our custom mixing service offering!

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Sep 18, 2018 By Ginger Glidewell


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Collaborative Alliance

Apr 19, 2018 By Ginger Glidewell

At Elite Elastomers, we operate in a client-centered collaboratively driven culture for the success of the end-product. Watch our video to learn more about our real-life collaborative alliances that enable all those involved to reach their goals.

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Inspiring A New Generation Of Makers

Apr 10, 2018 By Justin Shake


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Mark Tool and Elite Elastomers Announce Joint Venture

Jan 19, 2018 By Ginger Glidewell


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 20, 2017 By Ginger Glidewell

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Optimal Solutions

Nov 10, 2017 By Ginger Glidewell

Optimal solutions in non-metallic materials are part of the Elite Advantage.  Our enhanced designs outperform standard offerings due to our knowledgeable design culture.  Watch our video to learn more about our Compounding Competence Roadmap.  This roadmap allows the Elite Design Team to focus on the functionality of a material for end-use performance demands.   When an existing standard does not exist, let our team orchestrate the simulated testing required to prove the optimal design.   Let us create a solution for you!


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Technical expertise in rubber compounding

Jul 14, 2017 By Ginger Glidewell

Developing rubber formulations that meet today’s temperatures and harsh environments sometimes means more than pulling out am old recipe card!

Is your material supplier skilled in application end-use and material design?

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Who Is Elite Elastomers?

Jul 06, 2017 By Ginger Glidewell


Are your elastomeric material needs being supplied by material scientists who understand the unique requirements of your application? Elite Elastomers is an Applicative Compounder who is expertly skilled in material engineering and the unique chemistry of elastomers. Elite is an application-driven material supplier and not a custom mixer serving as a volume conversion agent.

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Idea Management:Rapidly Driving Technical Solutions to the Rubber Market

Mar 16, 2017 By Ginger Glidewell

A few firm givens exist in product development at Elite Elastomers.

1. Ideas foster innovation.
2. Innovation drives market leadership.
3. Market leadership yields profits.

At Elite Elastomers, we strive for improved ideas. Once these ideas are birthed, we manage them in such a way to allow their purpose to be discovered in the form of products. In order to grow an idea to the point of a product, we exercise idea management.

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